How to Secure Your Identity Online

Perhaps you feel that you are safe. Perhaps you never give out your passwords with friends and family and you keep your home computer protected by firewalls and antivirus programs. You may check out a new website’s security policy to find out how they protect your information. You could spend your every waking moment, trying […]

Tips To Help Protect Yourself Online

First and foremost, limit the amount of information you make available online. It may look like a friendly place to play, and it may very well be, but you still do not have to share everything about yourself. If you have friends and family on your social media, they will already know most of your […]


Hi, and welcome to CrunchTV. Be my guest and search through the old and new of computer security. In the show this week – new anti-spam technology and the latest and worst spams to watch for. Over the past two years, I have been on the front lines in the war on spam mail. I […]